Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

1. Terms and Conditions

  1. In this disclaimer, we include:
    • The owner: the owner of the website;
    • User(s): in all proceedings;
    • Visitors: you, the visitor of the website;
    • The Content: all the content of the website;
  2. The following applies to the website that you are viewing. By using the page content, you are agreeing to the disclaimer.
  3. The content has been compiled with the utmost care by the owner, but the owner accepts no liability for the possible inaccuracies of the displayed content, nor the consequences that you may create as user.
  4. The owner is not responsible for the content on the attached media, nor websites referred by this website.
  5. Unauthorized or improper use of the content or parts thereof may lead to the infringement of intellectual property rights.
  6. Permission to use the content or parts thereof on public sites must be submitted to us in writing and may only be authorized with express written permission.

2. Participation in Online Gambling

  1. Participating in gambling on the internet as a visitor of our site is entirely to your own risk and responsibility. According to the Gambling Act, only licensed providers are allowed to offer gambling to you, the player. As soon as you leave the website bestvirtualrealitycasino.com, so entering a third party website, your jurisdiction is no longer bounded to us. This entails that you are on a foreign website and that potential actions and consequences are outside European law.
  2. It is the visitors own responsibility to distinguish the rights and laws consistent to their country of residency. We do not accept responsibility for players liability on third party sites.
  3. Given that the promoters on bestvirtualrealitycasino.com are not necessarily licensed within Europe, we cannot assure our visitors of the quality of oversight or honest, addiction, and other requirements that may apply in Europe. Keep this in mind whenever you visit a third-party website. These websites should, in our opinion, have obtained the necessary certificated that ensure security, honesty, and prevention of addiction through warning and limitation options. www.bestvirtualrealitycasino.com attempts to keep all information correct and up to date, but cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

3. This website (bestvirtualrealitycasino.com)

  1. This website provides information about online casino offers, games, and providers. While the content is in English, we are open to visitors of all different nationalities.
  2. Links to other sites and advertisers: this website uses third party advertisements to support our website. Some of these advertisers may use web technologies, such as cookies on our site.
  3. This website contains links whereby you leave our site to access websites from third parties. This website has no control over these third party websites that are linked, as they may be subject to different privacy policies. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for (the operation and/or content of) these third party websites. We encourage you to read their terms and conditions before agreeing.
  4. This website is not responsible for any information, data, programmes, contact that you receive through third parties on our site. The information you receive from third parties does not always represent or comply with our opinion.
  5. Liability and Damage: We accept no liability for any direct or indirect damage that may arise from the use of the information found on this site. The content of this website is purely informational.
  6. Information on this website: We cannot guarantee that the information on our website is entirely accurate, complete and/or current. Therefore, we cannot accept claims from any of the information provided here. Neither shall we be liable for damage resulting from inaccuracies and/or outdated information. Should you encounter information, data and/or programs that are copyrighted to you, please report this to the webmaster through our contact page.
  7. If you find any information that is, in your opinion, incomplete or incorrect, please contact the webmaster. We appreciate your comments and/or any other additions. Through your contributions, we can improve our website. This website is a platform for, and made by users.

4. Gambling Addiction

  1. When informing about how to play, there is also a page where players must be warned about the risks of playing at an online casino.
  2. Responsible play with foreign gaming players: Responsible play is understood as that the player is in control and the gaming does not adversely affect your functioning and social existence. Some known guidelines to prevent gambling addiction and to remain in control of your gaming behaviour are:
    1. Play with a budget that is proportional to your expenses
    2. Place limitation for yourself in regards to what you are willing to spend for a certain time period. You can make use of some providers’ self-limit options.
    3. Only bet with money that you can miss, never consider bowing money to gamble, especially on a winning streak.
    4. Keep track of what you spend in the online casino, but also what you spend on other betting agencies, such as lotteries, bookies, etc. to achieve a realistic view of what you spend on gambling agencies.
    5. Never play under the influence of alcohol, drugs, heavy medication, or in times of mental stress, depression, or fatigue.
  3. Seek assistance in good time in regards to (possible) gambling addiction. If you have problems keeping to the agreements and limitation that you set for yourself, or if you repeatedly make the same mistake, please do not hesitate to contact help agencies immediately. Prevent regret and never procrastinate with this decision.