Gear VR Casino

The Samsung VR Gear was the newest revolution for Virtual Reality players that wanted to have a virtual experience, but didn’t want to pay outrageous prices when the goggles came out. The Google Cardboard was too flimsy and simple, but the Oculus Rift too expensive. Samsung came with a simple-to-use option: the Gear.

Samsung Gear VR

What makes the Samsung VR Gear different?

One word: mobile. The whole experience depends on your mobile. For to be able to make use of these virtual reality glasses, the user needs to have a Samsung mobile phone. The following mobiles are compatible with the Samsung VR Gear:

  • Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, and the S6 Edge +
  • Note5

These mobile appliances make the Samsung VR Gear simple and easy to use. Simple click your Samsung phone into the holder, adjust the straps to fit on your head, attach the controller through USB port, and enjoy your VR experience.

Samsung Gear VR Phones

The Samsung Gear VR allows you the possibility to use your own device, so you don’t have to learn how to use a whole new one. Furthermore, you don’t have to dish out money for a completely new technological appliance that you can only use for one certain use. The Gear VR glasses are somewhat only a holder… your mobile does the rest. This does however mean that if the screen of your mobile is scratched, or otherwise marked, it will have an effect on the quality of you virtual reality experience.

Samsung VR Gear Casino?

Since you only need your mobile and the VR Gear holder, you can play at virtually every online casino that has a Virtual Reality platform for mobile users. Since almost all online casinos are up to date in regards to mobile compatibility, it’s only a step and a leap till they create virtual reality compatibility for all online casinos. Then you can play at any online casino and encounter a limitless virtual reality experience.