Google Cardboard Casino

Google Cardboard is the easiest, and cheapest option for newer players to the Virtual Reality world. This cardboard appliance is applicable for but Android phones as well as iOS mobiles. This foldable cardboard shell allows you to place your mobile as your screen before putting it on. The Google Cardboard glasses are well know because of their high amount of possibilities for a very low price. The software made available by Google is thereby also perfect for starters as it’s free and has multiple different types of games to try out.

Google Cardboard Goggles

What defines the Google Cardboard goggles?

Simply: Easy. Google Cardboard is the easiest, and cheaper option of Virtual Reality glasses that there is. It’s low price range makes it attractive for all players that want to try the virtual world, but aren’t convinced yet. Google Cardboard, though it looks flimsy, still provides the depth that players are looking for through the glasses. It’s easy to fold and “install” your phone in the frame. As soon as you’ve received it in the mail, performed some simple folding techniques, and have charged your phone, you’re ready to experience the world of new possibilities.

Google Cardboard Goggles2

Google Cardboard Casino

For players that are looking forward to experiencing the virtual reality world, without being actual gamers may easily choose this option. Since its cheap and easily receivable (through normal postage) this would be a perfect hassle-free choice for you to be able to try out the virtual reality online casinos. Experience the depth of the live casino tables; watch the roulette ball bounce in the wheel, let the cards fly on the table, and allow the videoslots animations to take you to the bonus game area. Google Cardboard makes all of this possible without breaking the bank. In fact, we hope that in some time online casinos may offer Google Cardboard goggles to players to try out their virtual reality platform.