HTC Vive Casino

The HTC Vive is a more advanced option of the virtual reality glasses at the moment. With a complete accessory package, one can encounter a mind-blowing virtual experience. HTC is known for its line of Android products ranging from mobile phones to tablets, and now virtual reality glasses. This new line can be bought with more extensive accessories, such as two cordless controllers and bases for 360 motion tracking, next to the headset itself.

HTC Vive

What makes the HTC Vive stand out?

The HTC Vivie can be sold as a complete package. This makes it ideal for players that want to experience the best virtual reality games without having the hassle of looking up certain things on the mobile phone, or adding one’s own controller.

Furthermore, the HTC Vive offers the 360 degree motion tracking option, which means that you can literally turn in any direction without losing your place, thanks to the bases of the controllers. This makes it an extraordinary option for gamers across all platforms.

HTC Vive2

HTC Vive Casino

While the HTC Vive is seen as the more professional virtual reality option of the moment, many casino players are spooked by the high price tag attached to the headset and rest of the gear. It also remains a rather exclusive version of the other Virtual Reality glasses, which makes it hard to get a hold of.

For players that also enjoy gaming, this is an ideal choice. They will receive the full possibilities that the Google Cardboard and Gear VR do not offer players. In this form, we have seen the large differences between the more advanced technological glasses such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This is a reason why we believe that there will soon be many different online casinos available for the HTC Vive glasses, as well as many others.