Virtual Reality Roulette

Play Roulette Online in Virtual Reality

Roulette is perhaps the only table game that is played without cards, but is still incredibly popular as a table game at casinos. The suspense of the turning wheel and the possibilities makes it an impressive game for both beginners as well as pros. Whether you prefer the American or European style, Roulette is a game that becomes extra attractive through the interactive approach with the croupier.

Virtual Reality Roulette

From Live Roulette to Virtual Reality Roulette

At the start of this century the rise of online poker influenced the start of the technological advances allowing live Roulette to take place in the online casinos. While the table games offered at most online casinos were realistic looking, they were nothing compared to the croupiers placing the ball and turning the wheel. This live option also increased the trust of players in the live roulette option.

Virtual reality can now offer you the same experience, with the enhancement of the personal touch. You will be able to interact with the croupier and players as you would similarly in a land-based casino. You can place the chips on the table and turn to watch the spinning wheel, or croupier, or other enticed players.

Virtual Reality Roulette

Roulette in the Virtual Reality Dimension

Virtual Reality Roulette will have all the same dimensions that Live Roulette have to offer… and more. You can simply join a table by walking up to it and taking a seat. If you just want to watch you can look over another players shoulder and check out their luck. Either way, you’ll be able to see your chips as well as other players’ chips. You’ll have your stack of chips in front of you and leave to go to another table whenever you like. Do you enjoy a bit of peace? Then you can choose an reasonably empty table. Looking for more interaction? Then join other virtual players and let them witness your strategies.

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