Virtual Reality Software

Virtual Reality Software

Whether you’ve gone for the reasonably cheap version of the Google Carboard Virtual Reality Glasses or the Oculus Rift, you’re going to need to find the right Virtual Reality software. The landscape for Virtual Reality apps is still rather fragmented at the moment. The easiest option would be to search for “VR” or “Virtual Reality” on you App or Play Store.

Naturally, not all VR softwares have the same quality. If you’re looking for new software that are hot at the moment, you could consider one of the following free softwares: Youtube, Google Cardboard, VRSE, NYT VR, Orbulus, Janut VR, or InCell VR.

Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality Software

Google Carboard plays as an introduction to showing players what’s available. You can view Google Earth and other Cardboard compatible games.


VRSE is dedicated to music videos and shorts for people who want to feel like they are at the frontstage of a concert. You can also find videos exploring our planet here.


While youtube seems like a rookie’s choice, Youtube is very up-to-date with 360 degree videos as well as Virtual Reality. They’re also rapidly growing with videos ranging from wildlife to music videos.

Jaunt VR

Virtual Reality Software

Jaunt also has a wide range of music videos and serious short films such as nature shoots. You can find love-performances here as well as news events.


For people that want to view breath-taking views: NYT VR. Here you can find videos from the deep ocean, to the surface of Pluto.


Orbulus is a high-tech plane, sending you to hundreds of new places within the blink of an eye. Here you can find Goggle’s Photo Spheres from impressive tourist hotspots around the world.

InCell VR

Virtual Reality Software

InCell shows the educational as well as fun side of Virtual Reality. Here you can get closer to yourself. Literally, because you will be flying through human cells. The main aim of the game is to outrun a virus wave through the colourful environment.

Since the Virtual Reality industry is in a constant state of advancements and innovation, we can expect to find boom in the amount of softwares that are compatible with the available hardware. In the meantime you can search through the vast options that are available online and let yourself be transported to another place.