Oculus Rift Casino

The Oculus Rift is momentarily the newest and most exclusive virtual reality glasses on offer. With Facebook financing its design and already using it on social media, this contraption will perhaps be the most wished for appliance for gamers. It’s quality is non-comparable to glasses such as the Google Cardboard, in which you must still use your mobile device. Instead, this goggle, resembling a snorkelling goggle, allows you to zone in and be submerged into the virtual world of gaming.

Oculus Rift

What is an Oculus Rift?

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality head mounted display with was designed as a relatively cheap option for virtual reality gaming. The goggles have a seven inch width (18 centimetres) and a LCD, stereoscopic 3D screen. The focus of the lenses are well adjusted so that there is no overlap. This means that these goggles allow players to have a realistic peripheral vision. Thus, players can look with a 90 degree angle ahead, and a 110 degree angle horizontally or diagonally.

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The Oculus rift furthermore makes use of highly sensitive sensors as well as the motion tracker technique to create to create a realistic virtual reality experience, in combination with a high resolution screen. This allows the players visual senses to be tricked into believing that what it’s seeing, is real. Naturally, this also depends on the quality game that is being player. Through the improvements of graphics however, this does not cause any repercussions in gaming through the use of virtual reality glasses.

Oculus Rift2

Oculus Rift Casino

At the moment, Slotsmillion is the only exclusive online casino that offers a virtual reality gambling platform for players with an Oculus Rift. While this platform can also be used in 3D, it misses the realistic appearance that the virtual reality platform does. Players with the Oculus Rift can choose an avatar to explore the virtual casino. This can be done with a game controller, or the keyboard. While this online casino is the only one to make use of virtual reality, it is only accessible for players in possession of the Oculus Rift.