Virtual Reality Live Casino

Virtual Reality has influenced many different areas of the gaming industry. While in the casino industry it’s influences on videoslots seemed predictable, one of the biggest changes in the online casino experience has been through online betting at the live casino.

Live Casino: Then and Now

The real casino experience has always been a goal that online casinos have strived for, and not without difficulty. While slot machines only improved through the introduction of the internet, the table games have always proved challenging to re-enact on the site. The personal touch that the live dealers bring to the table is a factor that many players were worried would disappear in the online casinos. Through the introduction of the webcam, however, this problem was nullified.

Through the use of webcams, microphones, and the possibility of live feed, the dealers at online casinos are now able to interact on a personal level with players. Furthermore, you can watch them psychically turning your cards, or spinning the roulette ball. This personal touch adds to the sense of familiarity and trust.


With the introduction of the virtual reality aspect in the live casino, players can now not only see the live dealers and table, but actually sit at the table, in the virtual casino. You can interact with the live dealer, as well as other players at the table. If your luck is running out at one table, you can simply walk to another, as you would at a land-based casino. The choices are endless and your experience is heightened by the realistic appearance that the virtual reality goggles offer you.

Virtual Reality and Live Casino

At the virtual reality live casino, you can choose between all the regular online casino live table offers. You can watch the ball spin in the wheel at live roulette, or enjoy the excitement of the dealer turning your cards every time you say “hit me” in live blackjack. Whichever game you choose to play, the use of virtual reality has ensured that you are no longer restricted to watching from afar, in the virtual world, you are there.

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